About Us

Universal Infinity Services

About Us.

We at Universal Innity Services (U.I.S.) passionate to support Indian individuals to achieve sound health, not only physical but also mental and nancial. We are committed to educate , engage and empower each and every individual who is determined for his overall well being and excellence. Life is a long journey from Human Being to Being Human. We are moving and you can join us to cover the distance. .

Direct Selling Industry leads the charge in this new economy in India. This is a realistic model in which customers register as independent distributor and sell product and build their own team. Universal Innity Services is aiming to fulll the dreams of every individual associated with the company. Company’s network of registered distributors and consumers gets special benets and opportunities due to our increasing dominance in the direct selling industry of our country.

Mission & Vision

We look forward to create a Global Enterprise that is rooted in India but truly promotes the ancient Indian science of Healing, Wellness & Educated. We strive at providing people an opportunity to own and operate a business rooted on Values and Principals. Ayurveda the driving force of wellness is the basis of our products, supplements and services so are our Entrepreneurs who are propelled by education. We believe, we can give a new face to Direct Selling Model by adding a ‘Sense of Pride’to the people involved. We aim to be the pioneer in propagating the Science of Ayurveda and direct selling.